Linea Raffaelli has such an elegant visual standing amongst Mother of the Bride fashion choices. The colour of this dress in particular is perfect for light or dark skin tones.

LineaRafaelli - 63D - - M

LineaRafaelli - 63A - - M

LineaRafaelli - 63B - - M

LineaRafaelli - 63C - - M

Style No. 63 – This straight-line dress comes in a pale peach crepe fabric. It has the effect of looking light, flowy, and carefree. The ivory lace overlays bodice and sleeve with beautiful flower accents.

This outfit is carried by Le Chic Boutique. Give the shop a ring: 02084661576 or visit at 85 Beckenham Lane, Shortlands, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0DN