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Sonia Pena

Sonia Peña is a unique collection from Spain, it is fresh, colourful and sophisticated and perfect for any special occasion whether you are a mother of the bride or groom looking for something with a twist for a guest at a wedding, ascot, or special occasion. We are delighted to introduce the Sonia Pena mother of the bride collection to Le Chic Boutique.

Sonia Peña - Mother-Bride.com

About the designer

Sonia Peña started the label in 1987. She belongs to the second generation of a family with strong business spirit and a great entrepreneurial vocation. She is a dedicated businesswoman in the fashion sector, with a tireless willpower who spends many hours in her most distinctive trait: her creative work. Pena is an imaginative and artistic person, full of positive messages. Her energy is contagious, surrounding herself with an excellent team, the foundation of our continuous growth.

About the Company

Sonia Peña - Mother-Bride.comModas Zarpa SAU was established in 1986 and works under the Sonia Peña brand, undisputed leader in the Spanish sector of social occasion dresses and are segment leaders in Europe and present in more than 50 countries. They are absolutely identified with the idea of promoting the concept “Moda España” (Spanish Fashion), spreading it nationally and abroad, something that was awarded in the XI Edition of the “Alas a la Internacionalización de la Empresa Andaluza” (11th Edition of Internationalization Awards, category Growth Abroad).

All Sonia Peña outfits

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Mother of the Bride –Sonia Peña stockist

We are proud to be a UK stockist of Sonia Peña and would love to show you some of the latest season’s designs.

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