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Established in 1987. We'd love to find you the perfect outfit in our boutique. Phone 020 8466 1576. info@lechicboutique.co.uk

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All our Mother of the Bride designers and outfits are shown here.  This page is designed for searching outfits you might have seen before, so images are small.  Please wait a few seconds for them to be appear.
All outfits shown are in stock in the sizes shown, available to take home today. We’ll do our best to keep that up to date.

Click on an image to enlarge it.  Click “X” at the top of the image to come back to the website.

You can search for a style name or number using the search function in your computer or phone.  Try on e of these methods:

  • On an iPhone or iPad (we know you like those),
    • tap on the address bar at the very very top of your screen. It probably says “lechicboutique.co.uk”;
    • type what you are looking for: a designer name, style number, size12 (no space), size14,  you are searching for;
    • Beside the phrase “On this page” it will say  how many matching items there are, e.g., how many size12s we have;
    • click on “Find” just below “On this page”;
    • At the bottom of your screen, you may see a “V” down arrow to help you go to the next matching phrase;
  • On a PC, press “Ctrl” and “f”;
  • On an android device, press menu (probably the device’s left hand button) and “Find in page”; or
  • The magnifying glass icon at the top of the page will NOT work – it finds designer names in the whole website..
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